HELLO! I don’t know if some of you follow me, because the truth is that I don’t give too  much publicity … on Pinterest. But that’s where I really get all my ideas, put them in order and make them come true. It’s an amazing tool of inspiration and distraction, because every time I open it I am there hours …
One of the boards I have created is about flowers, and how to introduce them in decoration, I don’t know if it happens to you but I always see everything very nice on Instagram but not at home, so this is the way I find to start up all those tips that I want to introduce in my life. If you continue browsing my account, you will see that there are many boards created and that little by little I will show you so you can use them too.

I have repeated it many times, I love flowers and plants. I like striking, nothing suffered and with neutral colors. It’s funny because I like to have them at home, but I’m really bad taking care of them, so all of them are artificial except for the exterior ones. This week, for example, I bought two eucalyptus bouquets that I showed you for Stories and a kentia that I had been looking for two years without exaggerating. I found it really cheap because it’s Spanish, so I had to come home. Now I’m thinking about where to place everything and as soon as I have it you will see it on video.
I hope you like the pictures! There is nothing left for the weekend, I have some birthdays parties so we are going to be involved with that and take pictures for the week!



  1. Me encantan los muebles o detalles con un toque envejecido. Combinando las plantas, aporta mucha vida a cada rincón de la casa, sobretodo en comedores, entradas o salas de estar. Buena elección con la kentia !! ✨ Es bien bonita, y con el eucalipto darás un toque refrescante a tu casa. Lo probaré, pon un eucalipto en tu vida😁


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