HELLO! Before telling you about the look and photos … I wanted to thank you here for ALL your messages about my pregnancy.  You are really nice and how much love comes to us through social networks, I feel very grateful. You have asked me, if we have a section on motherhood or baby things and the truth is that not now. I’ve always wanted this platform to be about fashion and lifestyle, I don’t consider myself an expert in the baby or mother world, and I think it’s something so personal and subjective, that I think it’s very daring to touch those issues. And on the other hand, the most important reason is the overexposure of my life and my baby, I don’t like children at all in networks (or at least now I think). Anyway, in these things you can never say no or yes…you know…

About the look, as you can see dress with style and pregnancy is not easy, I don’t know if it happens to you, but whenever I go in the dressing room it is a challenge to see first what I still fit and then If I look stylish … For now, and with this cold weather I throw a lot of knitted and warm jerseys, jeans and I play a lot with accessories and coats. If you ask me about heels, I keep wearing them normally, I don’t wear very high heels, so at the moment I feel comfortable.
In this outfit I wanted to release the black wicker bag that #bizcochito gave me and you will see from now on a lot! I feel like it goes with everything and gives a lot of fun to any look. I hope you like the photos and see you by Instagram!

Jeans, jersey, bag and shoes: Zara // Shirt: Pull & Bear // Coat: Zaful// Earrings: Parfois


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